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Gaia Premium Natural Spring Water is 100% pure and natural – the way nature intended it to be.

Only a small fraction of the virgin source water is bottled, making Gaia a limited product, bottled on demand. This allows us to supply you daily with the freshest, healthiest water possible, while maintaining an impeccable balance and harmony with nature.

Gaia is bottled with great care and adherence to quality control. Daily tests, micron filtration and UV light assure that the highest standards of quality and safety are kept. It is our opinion that Government regulations on drinking water are not satisfactory; therefore, we believe it is our responsibility to you, our customers, to extend beyond these regulations to ensure safety, health and superior quality.

Gaia Natural Spring Water has been blessed with an optimum alkalinity, which helps to restore our bodies to a pH level necessary for good health.

It is proven that an alkaline system produces some remarkable health benefits. An alkaline body:

* utilizes vitamins and minerals more effectively
* protects against harmful free radicals in the blood
* combats arthritis and heart disease
* increases oxygen levels in the blood and lungs
* regulates blood sugar and blood pressure
* increases digestion
* is necessary to absorb calcium into our bones, preventing    osteoporosis
* helps to fight against cancer.

“Water is Life” – “the quality of our health is directly related to the quality of the water that we drink.”


Water gives you energy and vitality. With the proper intake of our pH balanced natural spring water, your skin will look and feel healthier and younger. The quality of your health will greatly increase through the restorative powers of this remarkable water.

Gaia Natural Spring Water
“ the way nature intended it to be” pure, great tasting, healing and energizing.